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Choosing the right website builder is one of the most important factors for a successful website.

Building a website is very easy nowadays with the right web builders however, choosing the right builder is a bit technical.

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Last Updated on Sept, 2020

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               Comparissiom Table

Website         Drag &       Temp-     Free     E-Commerce     Ease Of    BLOG     Visitor           Website        Customer     Starting

Builder          Drop            lates      Plan                                       Use                      Statistics         Apps            Support           Price

WIX                                     500+                             4.8                                    4.7               4.5                                                                £0





SQUARESPACE                      60+                               4.6                                     5                  5                                                                   £9.77









SITE123                                 180+                             4.6                                    4. 5              5                                                                   £0



                                                                                                           OUT OF 5            OUT OF 5       OUT OF 5     OUT OF 5





HostGator                            4500+                          4.5                                    4. 5               4.5                                                               $2.75







Webnode                             95+                                4                                       4. 3               4.3                                                               £0







Things to consider when choosing the best Website Builder

Nowadays, any business needs a well-established website to increase their exposure and reach. If you don't have a website or any social media presence, you don't exist at all. With so many effective website builders, it can be hard to pick the right one.  Web designing looks hard and complicated; however, website builders make it much easier. As a start, don't rush and do good research on all the available options before you dive into the process. Whether you own a small, medium, or large company, this article will help you choose the best website builder for your company.

Previously, building a website required lots of studying, coding, and programming, but not anymore. Now, anybody

can build a well-structured website with just a few clicks away. Whether you have a small, medium, large business, or even a personal blog, you can create your website instead of hiring a web designer. These platforms are separate such as, SquareSpace , or SITE123 or included as add-ons in hosting packages.


What is a Website Builder?

It is a tool or program, with templates and features that help you create a website without coding skills. That's not it; a website builder allows you to choose your site's template colours that match your brand/corporate identity. Also, not having a design talent will not be a problem anymore. A good website builder will be your saviour, with its professionally-designed templates and high-quality content. Some of these websites have built-in hosting, while others you have to purchase it separately.

Why is it important to pick the Right Website Builder?

If you don't have the choice of hiring a web designer, a website builder will be your perfect fit. With zero skills, you can build, edit, and launch a functional website, saving much time and effort. Simply put, website builders are totally worth testing out! However, not every website builder offers the same services or even has the same pricing packages. So, choosing the right one for your needs and goals can be a bit hard. But, once you study these websites, compare between them, and decide, your site will be running in no time. And, the better the site builder's functionality, the easier you can build and edit the main elements of your website.

Yes, there are many website builders present on the market. You must know that not all of them are convenient for every industry or website style. Now you've known what a website builder is, let's walk through the procedure until you can make up your mind.

Choose the Right Website Builder

    •    Determine your budget

First things first, you need to determine your budget and what you can or can't afford. Consider the different packages and prices, along with the provided features. Every package will include website hosting and domain. But, you will have to pay for different services, including images and e-commerce features. Yes, these website builders offer free plans, but with limited options and features. A free plan means less storage, fewer SEO tools, and lower loading speed. If you have an online store or need high-quality content, a free plan won't be perfect for you. If you need more features, most of the site builders offer different plans, with prices for every budget. For example, has 4 premium plans, with different bandwidth, storage, analytics, and SEO tools. Determine your needs and budget, study the plans, and then, make your choice.   

•    Determine your needs and priorities

Make sure your goals and priorities are clear before you decide. It is important to be aware of what you want to look for, regarding the services and features. The answers to the following questions will utterly help you.
Do you need an online store?
What template category do you want?
What type of media does your website need?
Do you have experience in coding?
What about your budget?
What important features do you need?
What is the primary purpose of your website?


•    Features

All the website builders offer a wide range of useful features to enhance your experience and make it easier. Here are some of the features you must consider:
    •     Drag and drop interface
    •    SEO marketing tools
    •    Built-in analytics
    •    Mobile responsive websites
    •    E-commerce tools
    •    Marketing tools as email marketing
    •    Social media buttons to connect your website with the different social media accounts

Website builders are supposed to meet your requirements, ensuring the best results. You need to know a few things first to avoid wasting your time, money, and efforts.

So, here are 15 important things to consider when choosing the best website builder:

1. Ease of Use

On building a new website, people mainly choose website builders to escape the hassle of coding and programming. That's why; the most important feature of a website builder is its simplicity. Of course, you will want an intuitive website builder, so you won't have a hard time building your site. Some website builders have a drag-and-drop functionality to make it easier to place different blocks on the pages using only your mouse. This feature is actually great as you can preview what you already did and make changes, if you want. Haven't built a website before? - The first thing to do is to check the reviews to give you an insight into the different user experiences. If you're skeptical regarding what website builder to choose, try, Squarespace, or Site123. They are among the simplest and best website builders present in the market nowadays.  

2. Software Features

Each website builder has different features, so, it is important to study every site before deciding. With so many great options, it can be hard to compare and choose. However, what truly determine the most convenient choice are the features. If you need a high-quality hosting site that is compatible with WordPress, it's better to choose BlueHost. is your best choice if you need an extensive collection of stock images and image editing tools. For an online store, Squarespace will do the trick, with great shopping cart solutions.  

3. Moving your website

As your business grows, you may consider moving your website to another website builder. Some website builder supports this service, while others don't. So, you will need a web developer to do the hard work. This is something you want to check before you decide, don't you think?   

4. Templates and Customization Options

Templates are a crucial part of any website establishment. It will be hard to find a website builder that allows you to upload your own template. It is essential to find a convenient website builder, with unique templates. Check the templates' categories first to choose the most relevant one. What is great about website builders are the customization options. Some templates are easily customized; you can add your logo and company's name easily. They also allow you to change the colours and fonts, in addition to moving the elements wherever you want. When it comes to quality templates, and Squarespace offer really excellent offers 500+ free templates, and they are among the best ever.  

5. Functionality

Most of the website builders offer a free plan that you can freely use to establish your website. However, the features that will significantly affect your site are present only in the paid plans. For example, you can't get much storage space or build a high-functional online store using the free plan. Also, in the free plan, you only get a third-level domain, meaning that it will be hard to remember. These websites don't stand out, ranking lower in search engine results.

6. SEO Options

You've already built your website, used the perfect template, and launched your website. Now what?! – You need people to actually find and visit this website. You also want to rank high on search engines, right? -  That's when the search engine optimization starts to take control. All you need to do is; search for website builders that are optimized for search engines such as The perfect website builder will offer helpful SEO features to add the Meta description and image alt tags easily.
Make sure your website builder supports these features:
    •    Keyword tools
    •    Conversion tools
    •    Friendly URLs
    •    Title tags, Meta descriptions, and alt image tags
    •    Automated HTML and XML sitemaps


7. Social Media Tools

On choosing a proper website builder, pay attention to the social media interaction option. Connecting your website to your different social media accounts is crucial for your reach and brand awareness. So, make sure that your website builder supports the interaction with social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. An important thing to check is the share button, so you can share blog posts on your social media accounts.

8. Mobile Responsiveness

Of course, your audience won't view your website only on desktop or laptops. In fact, most people surf the internet using their mobile phones. You must make sure that the chosen website builder offers mobile-friendly templates that look great on mobile phones. Find our more from about optimized  website version for mobile view.


9. Page Load Speed

So you know, the websites built using website builders usually have slow loading speeds. As a result, your audience may get bored and leave the page without exploring. This doesn't only affect your exposure and traffic, but also your rankings in search engine results. This point must be taken into consideration on choosing the right website builder. 

10. Making Changes to the Website

Website builders keep updating their tools and services, as well as their plugins and templates. Even after you settle on the perfect template, it can be suddenly changed. Whether you like it or not, you can't restore your previous one.  

11. Customer Support

If you have a problem or a certain inquiry, of course, you will need good customer support. You need to make sure that on facing a problem, someone will assist you. Some websites have customer support, but they don't respond immediately or not at all. Reading users' reviews is definitely a must to go through their experiences. Some offer email support only while others have 24/7 support over the phone or Live Chat. Study all the choices and choose the most suitable one for your needs.  

12. Number of Themes

To design a powerful website, make sure the website builder features unique themes to choose from. For sure, you don't want to purchase a package with limited themes or customization options. Choosing a website builder that has many themes options will be a good start for your website.

13. E-commerce Capabilities

Without question, online shopping is continuously growing, meaning that e-commerce design is becoming more important by the day. If you have an online shop, then it is essential to search for a website builder with e-commerce capabilities. You need to make sure that your builder supports online booking and sales inquiries. Some site builders have restrictions upon the number of items you are selling. This is something you should take into consideration before you make your decision.

14. Payment and Terms

You must consider the different payment methods first, even before checking the site's templates. The convenient website builder must support popular payment methods. Also, you must know their different packages, along with their features. Moreover, you must know how often you will be charged. Will it be monthly or a one-time payment? And, do they have a refund policy? – Most of the website builders support a refund policy, if you are not satisfied with their services, establishing their authenticity. For example, and Squarespace both offers refund if you cancel within the 14-day trial period.
The well-known sites will allow sign-ups with free trials for a certain period, in addition to feature-limited packages. The free trial or demo is perfect to try for yourself and decide what will benefit your business the most.


15. Credibility

As we said before, it is essential to read the users' reviews before choosing a suitable website builder. Also, check the different user experiences on social media platforms, especially the review section on Facebook. Credibility matters the most. I'll explain why! On using a website builder, you purchase a package, including hosting and domain, right? – Your website will be hosted completely on the server of the chosen website builder. If something happens to your website builder, your website may disappear for good. So, you must take your time to study your options, along with their features and most importantly, reputation. It's always better to choose a famous website builder that has been in the market for years.

Review in Short

With such a fast-paced digital world, your online presence is important, if not the most important. The website builder will give you the ultimate control over your website, but you need to choose the right one first. A highly responsive, unique website will catch your audience's attention, turning visitors into prospects, and then into loyal customers. Hopefully, our guide will help you pick the right website builder that will provide you the best tools and services.

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